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Cells Life Hydrating Serum  
Cells-Life can be used as a booster prior to all Gernetic treatment creams. This light water serum contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, and wheat proteins which restore the interstitial liquid of the epidermis, giving a replenished look to the skin.


Cytobi Super Nourishing Cream  
This is the ultimate defence against pre-mature skin aging. Suitable to be used on all skins (even around the eyes), this treatment cream supplies the skin with all the essential nutrients required to revitalize tired skin cells.


Ger Oxy Day Cream  
Oxygenation cream suitable for all skin types, in particular combination skin that is affected by stress and pollution. It activates microcirculation enchancing oxygenation of dermal cells; promotes better skin defence and functioning.


Immuno Cream Mask  
Immuno cream-mask is used on all cases of skin regeneration or acne. It can be used as a purifying mask 1-2 times a week; or mixed with Synchro to accelerate desire treatment results.


Mito Special+  
Especially recommended for heavily marked, tired or aged skin, Mito Special brings energy to the mitochondria epidermal cells, dramatically stimulating cell renewal and the creation of collagen and elastin.


Mixed & Oily Skin Cream  
A light texture day and night cream for oily and combination skins, as well as acne skin. Gernetic Mixed & Oily Cream reduces sebum production, clears acne skin, dissolves blackheads, and minimises dilated pores.


Myo Firming Cream  
Light texture cream helps tighten the skin muscles by nourishing them. Key ingredients include vitamins and amino-acids which promote better elasticity of the connective tissue.


Nuclea Repairing Cream  
An anti-aging treatment serum cream with a soothing and deep penetrating action. Its exceptional regenerating properties stimulate cellular activity and reinfore the defence mechanisms of the skin.


Octo Blackhead Cream  
An effective treatment for open pores, blackheads, and milium. Octo regulates sebaceous glands and reduces seborrhoea. Its antiseptic, and purifying actions induce impurity elimination.


Skin Clair Lightening Night Cream  
Nourishing and hydrating night cream for lightening complexion, pigmentation spots and freckles. Its active ingredients inhibit tyrosinase enzyme, thus reducing melanin production. For best results use in conjunction with Skin Clair Whitening serum.


Skin Clair Lightening Serum  
Gel-like concentrate serum to be used on pigmentation spots. It lighten freckles, sun spots and pigmentation by traping copper atoms at cellular level. For best results apply before Skin Clair Day/Night Cream.


Symbiose Nutritive Day Cream  
Rich in amino acids, Symbiose moisturizes your skin and protects it from the sun thanks to its filters. Your skin is better protected to resist all the aggressions from the environment.


Synchro 2000  
Smooth, light textured day/night emulsion for normal-oily skin. Contains the same active ingredients as the classical Synchro. Regular application ensures an optimum level of cellular renewal.


Synchro Regulating Face Care 50ml  
Synchro is used as a regeneration treatment cream for all skin types. Its synchronising action reinforces other Gernetic products and accelerates desire treatment results.


Vasco Anti-Redness Cream  
A treatment cream for sensitive skin. Vasco provides all-around protection against the environment, at the same time strengthens the skin's natural barriers. This product is enriched with precious plant extracts, amino acid, vitamins PP and E.


Vital Transfer  
Specifically designed for Very Mature Skin with advanced signs of hormonal deficiency associated with menopause and caused by a decrease of oestrogen levels leading to declining collagen production