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Marine Anti-aging Mask  
Supple cream mask with softening, smoothing, astringent, anti inflammatory, toning, remineralizing and revitalizing properties. Meant for all the aged, demineralized, dehydrated, shriveled up, wrinkled, and sagged skins.


Marine Day Cream  
Day cream and make-up base, easily absorbed. Has a 5+ sun protection factor. Revitalising. Leaves no residue


Marine Exfoliating Cleanser  
Gel cleanser permitting a perfect removal of make-up and cleansing deep in the pores, all while making the dead cells desquamate. Leaves an extremely soft and smooth skin. Can be used as a peeling.


Marine Ger Lift  
Light texture cream-serum, easily absorbed with rapid and lasting effects. Firming action on skin, regulation of seborrhoea, stimulation of cutaneous breathing. Stimulates the synthesis of the extra cellular matrix.