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Argan Calming Repair Cream  
Experience the exotic nature of Argan Cream. Considered by many as Morocco's ''Liquid Gold'', this precious oil has long been valued for its medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties......


Complex C Cream  
A rich day and night treatment cream for dry and sensitive skin. Contains vitamin C with a time- release action.


Mimical Control - Wrinkle Relaxing Cream  
Skin relaxing 24hr anti-wrinkle cream with an innovative ingredient system which gently smoothes the microtensions of the skin, thus smoothes mimic - wrinkles and leaves a youthful and radiant complexion.


Moist Instense Ultra Hydrating Cream   
A high-powered moisturizer that hydrates skin by rebuilding micro water channels in skin that diminish with age. Powerful, all-natural ingredients like pomegranate extract help stimulate the circulation of moisture in skin for dramatic results.


NANOCELL Age Protecting Eye Cream  
A smoothing, intensive cream for stressed skin around the eye area. It significantly prolongs the life of skin stem cells and thus retains the youthfulness of the skin around the eye area which is particular prone to fine lines and wrinkles.


Oxygen Energizing Cream  
Stressed skin can breathe again with pure oxygen! BABOR's innovative SKINOVAGE OXYGEN ENERGIZING CREAM re-energizes tired, lifeless skin while replenishing cells with pure, concentrated oxygen.

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