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Face Care


GERnetic products information and Samples Kit  
Gernetic Face care samples include Cleanser, Toner, Face Mask, Day Cream and Night cream Please specify your skin care concerns in the comment box when check out


GERnetic Whitening Set  
Specially formulated to conteract pigmentations and uneven skin tones, this range regulates melanin production and brighten overall complexion.


Les Parfaits Age Defying Box Set  
Gernetic Les parfait range contains the most concentrated biotechnological active ingredients available on the market. It reapairs, and revitalises mature, tired skin. To achieve optimum results, use underneath Synchro/Cytobi morning and evening.


Synchro + Cytobi Xmas Duo  
Celebrate this X'mas with Gernetic's Super nourishing/ anti-aging cream set: 1x Synchro 50m 1x Cytobi 30ml


Synchro + Myo Xmas Duo  
Celebrate this X'mas with Gernetic's skin firming Duo Set 1x Synchro Regenerative cream 50ml 1x Myo Skin Firming cream 30ml


Synchro + Nuclea Xmas Duo  
Celebrate this X'mas with Gernetic anti-wrinkle set: 1x Synchro 50ml 1x Nuclea 30ml


Synchro + Vasco Set  
Celebrate this X'mas with Gernetic's soothing Duo for sensitive skin. 1x Synchro Regenerative Cream 50ml 1x Vasco Soothing, Anti-redness Cream 30ml