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In 1961 French biologist Albert LAPORTE had started his own research in cellular biology. Busy investigating the internal causes of all beauty problems (wrinkles, acne, cellulite, fatty deposits, too big or too small a breast, etc...) he was particularly concerned on how to heal and re-structure the tissues in case of third degree burns. Together with many hospitals and clinics, he investigated (through tests and biopsies) the biological composition of each cell of the human body and continually searched for essential nutritious elements whose molecular weight and volume let them be absorbed by the skin. All of these nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids) had to correspond closely to the biological composition of the cells, so as to regenerate the tissues. After 17 years of intense research, he decided to create one-of-a-kind, safe, sound, natural, scientific, smart skin care product line that would be absolutely out of the ordinary, an advanced technology based on essential nutrition through the skin. He founded Laboratoires GERnétic Synthese (LABO-GER.S) in 1978.
Today, GERnétic® beauty products are referred to as the only skin care line that makes up for the diet deficiencies. The products have been formulated to address each specific need of the face, bust and body in order to maintain the tissues at their maximum level of activity.


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Gernetic Facial Cleansers:


Sebo-Ger Purifying Lotion (Oily Skin) $79
Acts as an oil-blotter to control oil breakthrough. Stimulates, re-texturizes and absorbs excess oils as it balances the skin's pH. Also contains precious mineral to help purify and oxygenate the skin.


Derma Cleansing Gel (Oily Skin) $64
Non-drying cleansing gel for oily/combination skin. It leaves skin refreshed, even and healthy-looking. Contains pansy extract to combat blemishes and impurities. Followed with Fibro or Sebo Ger.  




Glyco Cleansing Milk (All Skins) $56
Gentle cleanser enriched with glyco proteins. Its composition disolves make-up and dust, brings comfort and softness to skin. Suitable to be used on all skin types.

Fibro Toning Lotion (All Skins) $56
This is the ideal complement to the GLYCO lotion to complete cleansing by removing the last traces of make up and dead cells which dull your complexion.


Flower Acid Lotion 
Contains AHA. Improves cellular renewal by inducing highly effective and enjoyable exfoliant activity, without causing damage to the skin’s living cells.


Ger-Peel Gentle Face Exfoliant $139
Gentle exfoliant for all skin types. Its creamy granules induce dead cell desquamation. Apply 1-2 times a week all over the face and massage with circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Your complexion will look fresh and luminous.


Marine Exfoliating Cleanser (All Skins) $62
Cleansing and exfoliant Gel enabling perfect make-up removal and deep pore cleansing while desquamating dead skin cells. The skin becomes extremely soft and pleasing to the touch.  




Gernetic Facial Treatment Creams:



Synchro Regulating Face Care 50ml $156
Synchro is used as a regeneration treatment cream for all skin types. Its synchronising action reinforces other Gernetic products and accelerates desire treatment results.


Synchro 2000 $156
Smooth, light textured day/night emulsion for normal-oily skin. Contains the same active ingredients as the classical Synchro. Regular application ensures an optimum level of cellular renewal.

Tropo Day Cream $115

Protection day cream for skins with a tendency to be oily. Excellent make-up base with matt finish.

Cells Life Hydrating Serum $198

Cells-Life can be used as a booster prior to all Gernetic treatment creams. This light water serum contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, and wheat proteins which restore the interstitial liquid of the epidermis, giving a replenished look to the skin.


Cytobi Super Nourishing Cream $208
This is the ultimate defence against pre-mature skin aging. Suitable to be used on all skins (even around the eyes), this treatment cream supplies the skin with all the essential nutrients required to revitalize tired skin cells.

Ger Oxy Day Cream $120
Oxygenation cream suitable for all skin types, in particular combination skin that is affected by stress and pollution. It activates microcirculation enchancing oxygenation of dermal cells; promotes better skin defence and functioning.


Immuno Cream Mask $107
Immuno cream-mask is used on all cases of skin regeneration or acne. It can be used as a purifying mask 1-2 times a week; or mixed with Synchro to accelerate desire treatment results.

Melano III Sun Screen (SPF 23+) 
Non-oily high protection sun screen designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. It offers maximum protection against skin burns, redness and irritation. This treatment can be applied on top of any day cream.

Mito Special +  $136

Especially recommended for heavily marked, tired or aged skin, Mito Special brings energy to the mitochondria epidermal cells, dramatically stimulating cell renewal and the creation of collagen and elastin.

Mixed & Oily Skin Cream $99
A light texture day and night cream for oily and combination skins, as well as acne skin. Gernetic Mixed & Oily Cream reduces sebum production, clears acne skin, dissolves blackheads, and minimises dilated pores.

Myo Firming Cream  $94
Light texture cream helps tighten the skin muscles by nourishing them. Key ingredients include vitamins and amino-acids which promote better elasticity of the connective tissue.

Nuclea Repairing Cream $159
An anti-aging treatment serum cream with a soothing and deep penetrating action. Its exceptional regenerating properties stimulate cellular activity and reinforce the defense mechanisms of the skin.

Octo Blackhead Cream $90
An effective treatment for open pores, blackheads, and milia. Octo regulates sebaceous glands and reduces seborrhoea. Its antiseptic, and purifying actions induce impurity elimination.

Skin Clair Lightening Night Cream $152
Nourishing and hydrating night cream for lightening complexion, pigmentation spots and freckles. Its active ingredients inhibit tyrosinase enzyme, thus reducing melanin production. For best results use in conjunction with Skin Clair Whitening serum.

Skin Clair Lightening Serum $177
Gel-like concentrate serum to be used on pigmentation spots. It lighten freckles, sun spots and pigmentation by traping copper atoms at cellular level. For best results apply before Skin Clair Day/Night Cream.

Symbiose Nutritive Cream $138
Rich in amino acids, Symbiose moisturizes your skin and protects it from the sun thanks to its filters. Your skin is better protected to resist all the aggressions from the environment.

Vasco Anti-Redness Cream $99
A treatment cream for sensitive skin. Vasco provides all-around protection against the environment, at the same time strengthens the skin's natural barriers. This product is enriched with precious plant extracts, amino acid, vitamins PP and E.


Argini Calming Mask $72
The flexible ARGINI mask has softening, soothing, astringent, anti-inflammatory, toning properties. This mask has been designed for all types of skin. The ARGINI mask is hypoallergenic


Eye Contour Gel $121

A genuinely specific anti-age product for the eye and lip contour, this gel emulsion, ophthalmologically tested, helps smooth out and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. The epidermis is gently smoothed and the complexion rediscovers all its radiance


Eye Contour Mask  $83

Soothing and nutritive cream mask to lighten dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness. Contains artichoke extracts and wild camomile which improve micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage of the eye area.


Marine Day Cream $97
Day cream and make-up base, easily absorbed. Has a 5+ sun protection factor. Revitalising. Leaves no residue



Ger Lift $149
Light texture cream-serum, easily absorbed with rapid and lasting effects. Firming action on skin, regulation of seborrhoea, stimulation of cutaneous breathing. Stimulates the synthesis of the extra cellular matrix.


Marine Lifting, Anti-aging Mask $110
Supple cream mask with softening, smoothing, astringent, anti inflammatory, toning, remineralizing and revitalizing properties. Meant for all the aged, demineralized, dehydrated, shriveled up, wrinkled, and sagged skins.




Part of the Luxury anti aging skin care product line, the Concentrated Repairer is:

  • superior wrinkle free skin care product
  • improves tone of sagging skin
  • delivers antiaging skin care to stop skin wrinkles from forming
  • moisturizes dehydrated skin
  • stimulates collagen production
  • promotes regeneration of the skin.



YOUTH CREAM 50ml  $499

Gernetic Youth Cream:

  • delivers a genuine lift
  • delivers skin care anti-aging results
  • minimizes deep wrinkles
  • improves moisture levels
  • boosts cellular respiration
  • protects against UVA and UVB damage. SPF15



Gernetic Time Defying Cream is:

  • the ideal anti-aging cream
  • skin regenerating
  • stimulating synthesis of elastin and collagen
  • increasing the skin's respiration
  • reinforcing skin vitality





Gernetic Body Treatments


Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy life style. In the majority of cases the restructuring of your figure means dealing with various causes that have to be identified, taking account of individual needs. The GERNETIC body range treats the different effects with products perfectly adapted to each individual need to help you rediscover a younger and slimmer figure.

Whatever your own particular concern, GERNETIC Laboratories offer you a range of products specially designed to meet your slimming requirements in an effective long lasting way.


LYMPHO - Tonic lotion for the body                       
Its relaxing virtues bring relief to tired legs, leaving you with a pleasant feeling of well-being. This lotion accelerates micro circulation, thus increasing the rapidity and efficacy of the effects of the beauty care products.

VASCO ARTERA - “Orange Skin” body cream  
The quintessential of a body cream to effectively combat cellulite, by enabling a better micro-circulation thus making your legs feel lighter. Its draining effects result in the elimination of the dead cells of the resistant areas, with the concomitant elimination of cellulite, leaving you with a smith and attractive figure.

ADIPO GASTA - Resculpturing body cream  

By balancing and regulating the digestive system, it slims the figure and reduces superfluous fat, enabling you to rediscover your attractive figure. Its extremely smooth texture ensures rapid penetration, enabling you to dress immediately after application.

SOMITO - Firming body cream

Many different factors will weaken your skin’s tone. It is therefore essential to preserve cutaneous firmness by reinforcing elasticity. SOMITO works to prevent cutaneous slackening and stimulate epidermal vitality.

This milk inundates your skin with gentleness after a bath or shower and gives you a delicious sensation of freshness and will-being. Essential complement to specific body care treatments, it gives your skin comfort, suppleness and softness.


VEINULO SPECIAL + - Phials for the body 
More concentrated than Veinulo, it is a more specifically designed for weary legs or more serious problems of figure.

ANTI STRIES - Bust and Body Cream
Preventing and curative cream for the distension of the skin’s tissues. With their exceptional nourishing power, the active principals contained in ANTI STRIES enable a better synthesis of the collagenase, producing enough natural quantities of collagen and elastin to ensure the elasticity and the restructuring of the distended tissues.

PERFECT BODY Shaping cream 

Ideal for all women in a hurry, the Perfect Body is an “all in one” cream designed to eliminate toxins, relieve the legs, slim the figure and tone up the tissues.

HUILE DE MASSAGE - Oil with rare essences 
This precious massage oil has the power to release muscular and nervous tension. Made with a grape seed base, as well as rosemary and lavender extracts, this product leaves skin relaxed, nourished and sublimely scented.
To be used as often as desired


BUST CARE - A firm, toned bust   

If you think that the only answer to breast enhancement is to risk surgery, think again! The GERnétic® products for the bust are the result of over 20 years of research. They provide a transdermal absorption of nutrients to compensate for diet deficiencies that have led to an imbalance of the breast, therefore its imperfect beauty. The curve of your bust depends on the tone of your skin and of the supporting muscles.  The breast is in fact supported by a “natural brassiere” or cutaneous girdle which determines its height and firmness.  The elasticity of this girdle, constantly subjected to the trials of pregnancies, weight losses and natural ageing, must therefore be maintained.  To keep the aesthetics and beauty of your bust, you must start looking after it early.


SEINO - Tonic lotion for the bust 

Composed of plants rich in tonic virtues, it revitalises and strengthens the bust support tissues and prepares them for the application of specific beauty care creams.

 MACRO 2000 - Balancing cream for the bust
The bust CARE and bust BALANCE are linked together with the overall good health of the woman’s physiological system. We can not separate the BUST from the importance of nutrition, digestive system, all linked to the endocrinal system and overall good health.

The DEFICIENCIES of an industrial nutrition lead to many digestive disorders, which themselves cause nutritive deficiencies to out bodies. The BUST is particularly affected by this nutritional unbalance.  The Laboratories Gernetic Synthese (Labo.Ger.S) have created a technique to compensate for these deficiencies by percutaneous adsorption of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS developed from HIO-Technology. These NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS synergise the Synthesis of the Metabolism of AMINO ACIDS, VITAMINS and TRACE ELEMENTS.  The NATURAL ACTIVE AGENTS developed from a new concept of BIO-Botanical extracts from several plants (horsetail, myrrh, ivy, etc…) and marine elements (chlorella, spirulina, etc…), all rich in essential elements.

ENDO Special + Phials for the bust  
These contribute to restructuring the elastic fibres.  It is a concentrate which stimulates and nourishes the cells of the surface layers of the bust support tissues, and serves to prime the cells of the deeper layers to enable them to assimilate more easily the nutrient input of the specific beauty care products.




Men Skin Care 




The GEL MEN cleanses and purifies the face and hands. Especially created for Men, it leaves the skin soft, clean and pleasing to touch. The GEL MEN eliminates sebum excess, your skin is no longer shiny or greasy. Good facial care begins with a deep cleansing.




Genuine firming actions on facial skin and hands, LIFT MEN repairs and smoothes out any deep wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it leaves no oily residue. Rapid, spectacular and lasting results. You will notice an immediate effect on your skin. Gently smoothes out wrinkles and allows fine lines to fade away.




Moisturizing your skin is essential. HYDRA MEN is a very light cream, easily absorbed, which leaves no oily residue. Your skin becomes softer, more refreshed and looks healthier. It recovers its balance. HYDRA MEN supplies the very core of the cells with all the elements essential for nourishing your skin.




The AFTER SHAVE BALSAM immediately soothes skin irritated by shaving. Its very light texture leaves no residue and your skin feels fresher and becomes softer to the touch. Alcohol free, it gently and effectively moisturizes your skin. It leaves you feeling good every day.



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