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ScenTao Bath & Shower Oil   
Babor's ScentTao Shower & Bath Oil is a gentle, calming shower oil that features the ScenTao Anti-Stress Complex, a unique blend of soothing, fragrant ingredients to promote well-being and relaxation.


ScenTao Body Foam by Babor   
Formulated with the Anti-Stress complex, this innovative foam relieves tension and reinforces the skin's natural barriers, restoring a healthy, balanced radiance. ScenTao's light fragrance induces a state of well-being and relaxation.....


ScenTao body lotion   
A refreshing and invigorating after shower treatment with the ScenTao wellness and fragrance. A complex from Asian ingredients intensively supplies the skin with moisture. Relaxes the skin and restores its natural balance.


ScenTao body splash  
The refreshing and revitalizing wellness fragrance, with added moisture, relaxes and stimulates the senses. Contains the ScenTao anti-stress complex, jujube (Chinese date) and phytoplankton.


ScenTao shower gel  
An invigorating shower gel with an anti-stress complex containing active ingredients from Asia and a fresh, revitalizing wellness fragrance. Ideal for daily use.

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