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Gel Men  
GEL MEN cleanses and purifies the face and neck. Especially created for Men, it leaves the skin soft, clean and pleasing to touch. GEL MEN eliminates sebum excess, your skin is no longer shiny or greasy. Can be used in conjunction with Glyco and Fibro.


Hydra Men  
HYDRA MEN is a light, non-oily cream, easily absorbed, which leaves no oily residue. Your skin becomes softer, more refreshed and looks healthier. It recovers its balance. HYDRA MEN supplies the very core of the cells with all the elements essential for


Lift Men  
LIFT MEN repairs and smoothes out any deep wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it leaves no oily residue. Rapid, spectacular and lasting results. You will notice an immediate anti-aging effect on your skin. Can be applied day and night after cleansing with Glyco