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Aromessence™ Baume Rose D'Orient (Sensitive Skin)   
This is the perfect remedy for sensitized and irritated skin. The way it instantly soothes discomfort is unparalleled. The skin can relax at last. It can be usd alone, as well as with Aromessence Rose D'Orient for an intensive treatment.


Aromessence™ Baume Ylang Ylang (Combination Skin)   
With its lush, melt-in texture, AROMESSENCE™ BAUME DE NUIT YLANG YLANG offers all the benefits of a made-to-measure Aromatic night-care product. It • cleanses and purifies the complexion and also helps to re-balance the skin


Aromessence Baume Excellence (Mature Skin)  
With Essential Oils and Sol-Collagenine Complex. A touch of this new generation balm, an unprecedented synergy of Essential Oils and the Sol-Collagenine Complex, allows the skin during the night time to be intensely renewed.....


Aromessence™ Baume Angélique (Dry Skin)   
A Aromatic night care treatment for tired and dry skin. It stimulates cellular renewal and balance the skin's natural lipid level, leaving skin soft, supple, and satin-smooth.


Aromessence™ Baume Essentiel (All Skins)   
Suitable for all skins, this balm offers all the benefits of a made-to-measure Aromatic night-care treatment. It purifies and helps balance the skin; softens the skin, refines skin texture and adds a glow to even the most lacklustre complexions.

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