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Bagno Di Vita/ Bath & Shower Gel  
A fresh, revitalizing, foaming bath and shower gel with Acqua di Vita Complex®. To be used daily in shower or bath. Apply all over body with hands, sponge, or washcloth.


Moisture Restoring Gloves   
Each of these super-hydrating gloves is lined with a patented polymer lining that releases intensive skin moisturizers, conditioners, and protectors while in contact with the skin. For best results, use daily.


Ristorativo Di Vita Hair Conditioner   
Ristorativo di Vita is a replenishing, botanically enriched infusion to condition the hair and scalp. It helps to restore hair's virgin smoothness, adds volume and revitalizes scalp to restore a healthy, supple feeling.


Shampoo Purificante   
An herbal-infused formula, Shampoo Purificante is a cleansing treatment for hair and scalp. The hair-building formula creates greater volume, substance and thickness. Apply sparingly to damp hair. Massage in with circular motions. Rinse well.


Soothing Hand Cream  
A smoothing hand-creme enriched with moisture-attracting Liquid Crystal Molecules that form a water-resistant shield to guard against moisture loss. Specifically formulated to alleviate chapping & dryness


Splendore Brightening Body Glow  
Give your body a flawless look with this lightweight, moisturizing shimmer lotion. The subtle shimmer brightens and flatters any skin tone leaving gorgeous radiance. Minor skin imperfections are camouflaged and skin tone appears more even.


Stimulating Body Refiner  
Invigorating and deeply cleansing, Body Refiner smoothes the texture of skin while buffing and removing dry, dull surface cells with beads of volcanic pumice. To use: Massage onto wet skin with hands, concentrating on elbows, knees, and heels.


Tono Body Lotion  
Creamy body lotion enriched with CuraForte Moisture Intensifier to keep skin soft and sleeker-looking. It restores all-over moisture balance to dry surface skin as it improves tone and texture. Massage over entire body daily after bath or shower.

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