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This is a 'radiance citrus shampoo' with grapefruit extract. It's active ingredients help preserve the shine of coloured and bleached hair and prolong the life of perm. If hair is dry/damaged apply PhtoCitrus Hair Mask for 10 min after shampoo.


PHYTODENSIUM Anti-aging Shampoo  
As we age, hair often becomes weak and fragile requiring specific care. Phytodensium shampoo helps prevent further damage by injecting strength and vitality into aging hair.


A gentle milky shampoo for dry, thick and curly or brittle hair. This frequent use shampoo soothes and protects hair with jojoba and coconut oils. Gentle enough for daily use. If hair is very dry condition with PhytoKarite 1-2 times a week.


A scalp regulating shampoo with for all hair types. Sweet almond oil nourishes and softens the hair. Phytolactine® regulates the bacterial scalp flora, rebalances the scalp and visibly enhancing the hair's beauty.


PhytoLium Energising Shampoo  
Phytolium® shampoo's innovative formula combines rooibos extract, known for its stimulation and revitalizing benefits, with cinchona bark extract to energize the bulb and fortify the scalp.


An extra mild shampoo for normal hair with slightly oily scalp. This extremely mild, frequent use shampoo contains 65% panama wood to cleanse while respecting hair's natural moisture.


PhytoPlage After Swimming Shampoo  
Frequent use shampoo for sport enthusiasts and swimmers who need to wash their hair every day. This special shampoo contains Kukui nut oil, plant marrow (hydrates and moisturizes) and UV sun filter (protection). It gently removes salt, and chlorine.


Phytorhum is a rich, creamy fortifying shampoo for stressed, porous, brittle, dry or chemically processed hair. Rich egg yolk fortifies hair as rum stimulates the scalp. Used once or twice a week, this shampoo will energize and vitalize hair.


Non-drying dermatological shampoo for itchy scalp and dandruff. Willow leaf extract eliminates dandruff as cypress oil tones the scalp. Mild enough for daily use, it leaves hair soft and shiny with pleasant scent.


A mild volumizer shampoo for fine, limp, lifeless hair. Crustacean shell extract increase the moisture level in the hair shaft to make it swell for a fuller appearance. Can be used daily. For best result spray PhytoVolume Actiff on roots and blow dry

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