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AgeDeclic Firming Contouring Cream  
Reclaim a youthful tone and texture, diminish orange peel skin and enhance your shapely curves with this pleasant cream formula. Lightly scented and enjoyable to use, this body cream revives the silhouette, revitalizes your skin and firms your body.


aSpara Relaxing Body Cream  
This rich sensual body cream is specially formulated with seashore plant extracts and sea waters. It relaxs, moisturizes, and softens the skin. Your body is rested and relaxed for total well-being of the mind.


Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel  
This very refreshing gel, based on camphor, with a mentholated fragrance, immediately gives long-lasting relief to tired and swollen legs.


Exfoliating Body Gommage Cream  
This non-irritating cream with a light fragrance cleanses the body gently. It eliminates dead cells and embedded impurities. The skin becomes smooth and toned, ready to receive a treatment.


Exfoliating Shower Gel  
This 2-in-1 shower gel cleanses and gently exfoliates skin with a blend of natural marine extracts. Its fresh scent and light lather make it the ideal daily exfoliating product to use to recover perfectly smooth and soft skin.


HydraContinue Moisturizing Body Cream  
This treatment cream with an unctuous, rich and non-greasy texture, ideal for dry and dehydrated skins, is sheer enchantment. This product moisturizes, nourishes, firms and regenerates the skin by delicately posing a soft veil.


Instant Self Tanning Cream  
Instant Self Tanning cream, ideal for a constant healthy look, immediatley gives a golden and natural tan. Its light texture covers the whole of the skin perfectly and this encourages even tanning.


LiftDeclic Firming Contouring Emulsion 250ml  
Fresh and silky, delights the skin while contouring and firming the figure. Enriched with an exclusive combination of 4 patented marine extracts renowned for their lipo-active and firming properties.


Oligomarin Remineralizing Anti-Stress Bath   
This slightly foamy bath with liquid algae extracts, trace-elements and essential minerals, allows the body to absorb the supplements it needs to relax and to maintain overall well-being.


Oligomer Sea Water Bath Lyophilized  
Oligomer®, Phytomer's flagship product, is 100% pure lyophilized sea-water. It has the same re-mineralizing properties of sea-water. Through the benefits of this bath powder, you can take a real balneo cure at home.


Sea Tonic Body Firming Cream  
This delightfully scented body cream gives an all-over sensation of firmness and vitality. Skin is completely moisturized and silky-smooth. Day after day it becomes firmer and more youthful looking.


Sea Tonic Stretch Mark Cream  
This Stretch Mark Cream helps combat loss of firmness after acute changes in body weight. It helps regenerate cells responsible for restructuring the conjunctive tissue and helps to prevent new stretch marks from appearing.


Seaweed Soap  
Cleansing bar with exfoliating particles and marine extracts, to wash and remove dead cells gently, and to help make the skin supple. Can be used in shower on a daily basis.


Tresor Des Mers Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream  
This luxurious cream contains marine spring water, a revolutionary ingredient that is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. Marine spring water prevents the formation of free radicals by up to 74%, resulting in younger- looking skin.

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