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Biodroga Clarifying Lotion   
This lotion soothes skin suffering from blotches and irritating processes. Its special ingredients help protect against environmental damage. Has a slightly matting effect and helps normalize excess sebum accumulation. Skin looks clearer, purer.


Biodroga Cleansing Fluid  
This mild cleansing fluid cleanses skin with a gentle, tender touch. Makeup and skin secretions are thoroughly removed. Safeguards the skin's natural protective mantle and helps normalize excess sebum accumulation.


Biodroga Cleansing Foam   
This creamy Cleansing Foam is suitable for all skin types. It removes makeup, dirt particles and skin secretions gently but thoroughly, without leaving behind dryness or tautness feelings.


Biodroga Cleansing Oil   
BIODROGA Cleansing Oil is a mild, thorough cleanser for sensitive, dry skin. Thanks to its special skin-compatible formulation (no coloring agents or preservatives) BIODROGA Cleansing Oil is extremely suitable in cases of irritation skin.


Biodroga Lotion Mild   
A gentle, alcohol-free facial lotion for dry, normal and sensitive skin. Designed to be applied after any Biogroga cleanser.


Biodroga Milky Cleanser   
A gentle cleansing milk that hydrates the skin and leaves behind a supple feeling skin. Thanks to Bio EcoliaŽ, normal to dry skin benefits from the strengthening of the natural skin flora. Suitable for all skin types.


Biodroga Toner for Oily Skin  
Gentle alcoholic facial tonic for oily and combination skin. It vitalizes and refreshes the skin, without impairing its natural acid protective mantle. For best results used together with Deep Gel Cleanser.

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