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Anti-Age Cell Mask   
A firming and cooling mask that firms facial contours while refreshing and smoothing skin. Instant effect during those busy days or after short nights, but regular use reaches a long term effect.


Deep Cleansing Mud Mask - All Skins   
This mud mask is enriched with herbal and plant extracts. To be apply to clean skin two times a week for 15min. It dissolves impurities and helps cleanse the skin without dehydrating it.


Effect Firming Mask - Mature Skin   
Biodroga Effect Mask,acts like a fitness program for your skin. Immediately and visibly softens lines and wrinkles. Soothes the skin. Strengthens the skins defenses. Firms facial contours. Stabilizes and promotes the moisture metabolism of the skin.


Nourishing Vitamin Honey Mask - Dry, Dull Skin   
This nourishing cream mask enhances oxygen exchange and visibly energizes stressed, fatigued skin. For an instantly fresh, revitalized complexion. Honey, wheat germ oil and vitamins intensively smooth and condition skin.


Soothing Cream Mask - Sensitive Skin   
This light cream mask immediately calms and relaxes the skin. Increases skins moisture. The skins evenness is restored. Skin feels instantly supple, looks even and balanced. Preservative free, and fragrance free.

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